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California Native Plants

Ceanothus species (California Lilacs)

Desired the world over for spectacular flowering shows of pale blue to deep violet and even white, Ceanothus aka wild lilacs are primarily found in the Western United States and Mexico.  California claims home to over 40 species of Ceanothus ranging in size from the prostrate (6" tall) Ceanothus hearstiorum or San Simeon Ceanothus to the beautiful, billowing 20-30' tree, Ceanothus arboreus (Catalina Feltleaf Ceanothus).







Because of the demand for the features this species brings to the landscape, horticulturists have spawned an almost boggling array of hybrids and selections in a wide range of colors, forms, and sizes as well as culture.  

 To help sort through the genera's vast variables, please see our Guide to Ceanothus California Lilacs and Growing California Lilacs which may be downloaded for your reference and convenience.  



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