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California Native Plants

A Guide to Eriogonum Species and Selections

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Note:  May need to print page in landscape format to obtain all data.

The buckwheats have been used widely in native landscapes and restoration projects.  Eriogonum fasciculatum and especially E. fasciculatum 'Bruce Dickinson' are particularly suited for erosion control projects. 'Bruce' stays close to the ground, spreads nicely, and holds good form throughout the year. Many of the other buckwheats provide a stunning display of color in the late spring and early summer. As fall arrives, the flowers turn into an attractive rust color. Overall, the buckwheats are easy to care for in the native garden.  Most like well-drained soil and only minimal to moderate amounts of water in the summer months.  Be particularly careful with Eriogonum crocatum and arborescens in the summer as they are highly susceptible to root-born fungus.  For the butterfly lover, the bountiful umbels of flowers provide perfect feeding platforms for these nectar lovers.

A Guide to Eriogonum (Buckwheat) Species and Selections

Species Common Name Derivation/Origins
Sun, Partial Sun, Shade
H x W
Inflorescence Color
White, Red, Yellow, Pink
Best Features Drought Tolerance
- - - Sun PS Shade  Height   Width Wh Re Ye Pi - L M H
Eriogonum arborescens Santa Cruz Island Buckwheat Santa Cruz Island  X X - 3-5' 3-5' X - - - Unique structure, attractive flowers - X -
Eriogonum crocatum Conejo Buckwheat Conejo Grade, Ventura County, Rare X X - 1-2' 1-2' - - X - Rare species, stark yellow flowers against attractive grey foliage - X -
Eriogonum fasciculatum California Buckwheat Coastal Sage Scrub, Chaparral, Very Common  X X - 3-4' 3-4' X - - X Important plant for erosion control. Flowers open with light pink and turn to white - - X
Eriogonum fasciculatum 'Bruce Dickinson' Prostrate California Buckwheat Selected from the Santa Monica Mountains X X - 1-2' 4-6' X - - X Fantastic groundcover for slopes and erosion control. Looks good year round. Bruce is amazing - X X
Eriogonum fasciculatum 'Dana Point' California Buckwheat Selection Selected from Dana Point X X - 2-3' 3-4' X - - X Tight compact growth, not prostrate as it has been described. Light green foliage. - X X
Eriogonum grande rubescens Red Buckwheat - X X - 1-2' 2-3' - X - X Stunning dark pink flowers fade to rust in the fall - X -
Eriogonum giganteum St. Catherine's Lace Catalina Island X - - 4-8' 3-6' X - - - Lacy white inflorescence provide a unique look. Readily reseeds itself - - X
Eriogonum parvifolium Coast Buckwheat - X X - 2-3' 2-3' X - - X Good small Eriogonum, unique in the garden, mostly used in revegetation - X X
Eriogonum umbellatum Sulphur Buckwheat - X X - 1-2' 1-2' - - X - Intense yellow flowers on small, compact mounds of vegetation. Amazing  color - X X


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