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Carex barbarae

Carex glauca

Carex nigra 

Carex texensis

Carex appressa

Carex buchananii

Carex comans 'Frosty Curls' 

Carex elata 'Bowles Golden'

Carex grayi 

Carex hashimensis 'Everbrite'

Carex pendula 

Carex perdentata

Carex testacea 

Carex tumulicola 


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(General Information)

    Carex Fact Sheet

 While the flowers and seed heads of many Carex species can add interest to a garden, it is their textures, forms, and foliage colors that will eventually determine your design decisions.  When choosing a sedge it is also important to consider whether or not the plant has a clumping or spreading habit.  A clumping-type sedge will spread out over time but will generally remain confined to its original location in the landscape.  Spreaders, on the other hand, will continually spread throughout the landscape, often with underground rhizomes, and sometimes aggressively.  In the descriptions of the individual sedges below we have indicated whether or not a particular species has a clumping or spreading habit.  At El Nativo Growers, Inc. we grow a wide selection of Carex species and hope the provided information will help you select the best Carex for your project.  































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