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Araceae Arum or Philodendron Family Acorus   
Cyperaceae Sedge Family Carex, Cyperus, Eleocharis, Schoenoplectus Found in most parts of the world; wet habitats are typical
Juncaceae Rush Family Juncus, Luzula, Scirpus Typically found in wet habitats
Poaceae (Gramineae) Grass Family Calamagrostis,Chasmanthium, Helictotrichon, Imperata, Leymus, Miscanthus, Panicum, Pennisetum, Phalaris, Poa, etc.   True grass family; one of the largest plant families; world wide distribution
Restionaceae Restio Family Chondropetalum, Elegia, Thamnochortus  Less known; members of this family are only found in the Southern hemisphere
Typhaceae Cat-tail Family  Typha Small family that only includes the genus typha; commoly found in fresh-water marsh environments

Ornamental grasses are frequently described as either a true grass or a grass like plant.  While these general descriptions work well in horticultural applications, it leaves some guesswork for those interested in the taxonomy of these plants.  The table below is meant to shed some light on this topic.  Please note however, that the information provided pertains only to the plants grown at El Nativo Growers, Inc., and is not meant to serve as an exhaustive guide.  In addition, please note that you will find true grasses classified as "grass" in our availability list. 

     The Taxonomy of Grasses and Related Species

























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