The genus Mimulus has received a lot of attention from native enthusiasts for many years. The passion for this amazingly drought tolerant flowering shrub/perennial has enabled nurseries and botanical gardens to introduce several new selections and hybrids. These “new” Mimulus have been selected or created from M. aurantiacus, M. cardinalis, M. longiflorus, and Mimulus puniceus. The results are brightly colored flowers that come in nearly every color except blue and deep purple. Some selections and hybrids have large flowers, while others are smaller and delicate. The true species of Mimulus still deserve a great deal of attention. The drought tolerant species are perfect for hot, dry areas of the landscape. Flower colors include apricot, pale orange, yellow and red. They bloom prolifically beginning in the late spring. The common name, Sticky Monkey Flower, describes the tremendously sticky leaves - just squeeze one and you will see! In landscape settings drought tolerant Mimulus should be given very little water, if any, especially during the summer months. They will turn fairly brown during the hot summer months, which is a good time to cut them back if you prefer. The water loving species can be used along streams and ponds and should not be allowed to dry out.

REQUIREMENTS: Full sun to part shade, well-drained soils are best with little to no water once established. In heavier soils, very low water to no water should be applied once established. Prune hard at least once a year to promote new growth and to keep bushy. Water loving species should be given regular water throughout the year. Regular pruning promotes flowers for many months.

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