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June 2019 Availability Un-priced (.pdf)




June 2019 Availability Un-priced (Excel)






**Adobe Reader 9.0 or equivalent is needed to View this File**

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To receive the most up-to-date availability, pricing, and quality information please email your list to sales@elnativogrowers.com or fax your list to our main office in Azusa, CA at (626) 969-7299.

Please include the estimated delivery/will call date, container size, and quantity required in your request

Prices are not listed. If you are a wholesale customer and would like to receive a priced electronic copy of the Availability List, please send your company information to sales@elnativogrowers.com and a copy will be emailed or you will be given a username and password to access the priced list from this page. To determine if you are a wholesale customer, click here.  For delivery guidelines, please click here.



Email your specific inquiries to: sales@elnativogrowers.com


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To view the priced versions of our availability list please enter your username and password in the boxes above. To receive a username and password you must be a qualified wholesale customer. If you qualify, please email your company information to sales@elnativogrowers.com and request the .pdf version of the priced list if desired. To see a version of our availability without prices, please click on the June 2019 availability tab at the top of this page. Our availability lists are not real-time lists and only represent a snapshot of the availability at the time the list was published and/or updated.  For general information about the lists, including pricing and codes, click here. For information about ordering including minimum orders and freight charges, click here.  Adobe Reader 9.0 or equivalent is required to view the .pdf version.

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Please send your comments and questions to sales@elnativogrowers.com

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This page was last updated on 06/03/2019