Miscanthus, also know as Japanese silver grass or eulalia, has been used in landscapes for well over one hundred years. The allure comes from their showy, feathery blooms and from the wide variety in leaf coloration. Miscanthus range in height from just over 2' to well over 7-8'. They bloom from summer to late fall, depending on the species / cultivar. Most are dormant during the winter; however, Miscanthus transmorissonensis is an evergreen that is now widely grown. A few other evergreens are gradually making their way into the market. Miscanthus is most often used to provide a prominent accent or background in landscape settings. Some individuals leave the brownish foliage and spent flowers through the winter while others cut the plants back to the base. Either way, the grasses will flourish the following year.

REQUIREMENTS: All zones. Most Miscanthus thrive with regular water; however, they will tolerate an amazing range of conditions. Full sun is required for most.

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