California Native Heucheras, commonly referred to as Alum Root or Alum Root Hybrids, consist of about 15 different species and sub-species that grow naturally in a variety of habitats in elevations from less than 500 feet up to 10,000 feet. Some can be found in cool, moist places, whereas others prefer warmer, dryer climates. Within the past ten years, many new hybrids and selections have been introduced into the landscape industry, providing designers and gardeners with a wealth of choices in terms of plant size and flower color. Heucheras planted in inland climates should be protected from the hot summer sun. Along the coast full sun is acceptable; but during the hot summer the foliage may burn. Alum Roots are wonderful under oak trees, as border plants and in rock gardens. Larger growing varieties (3”-wide leaves) such as Heuchera ‘Rosada’ are most effective when massed. The smaller varieties (small ½”-wide leaves) such as Heuchera ‘Blushing Bells,’ are perfect for those small shaded corners of the garden and along walkways. Alum Roots begin blooming in late winter once frost is no longer a threat and continue as long as the weather remains cool – sometimes for up to 3 or 4 months! They are ideal for cool, dry shady areas - a difficult environment for most flowering garden plants. In addition to their delicate beauty, Alum Root is a great Hummingbird attractor.

REQUIREMENTS: Deep infrequent irrigation in well-drained soils is best. Occasionally inspect the crown of the plant for signs of ants or mealy bug. If not controlled, the plants will suffer. Dead head spent flowers by pulling on them once they are brown. Most Heucheras grown at El Nativo Growers don’t seem to have many problems with light frost

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