About Us

El Nativo Growers specializes in high quality plants from California, Australia and other Mediterranean climates that thrive in the Southern California environment. Our species list consists of unusual, hard to find, and standard stock material. Although California native plants make up a significant portion of our physical inventory, they represent about 30-40% of our overall species list. 

Although the majority of our plant material would be considered water-wise or drought tolerant, we grow a large number of species that do not fit this description. These include a sizable group of water loving plants used in landscape water features including many California native plants that require significant amounts of water to survive (riparian plants, wetland plants, etc). Drought tolerance is a relative term. Among the species that we grow, there is a very large range of drought tolerance from naturalized material (no supplemental water required once established) to fairly regular summer water (1-2 x per week depending on exact site conditions).

We produce material from plugs to 24" box specimens and most sizes in between. We grow groundcovers, shrubs, trees, succulents, perennials, and various grass and grass-like species. We provide contract-growing arrangements for many types of projects.

El Nativo Growers services all facets of the wholesale industry. Our customer base consists of landscape contractors, wholesale nurseries, brokers, consultants, designers, municipalities, retail nurseries, and revegetation firms. Our main offices are located in Azusa, California, approximately 10 miles east of Pasadena. Our regular service area includes all Southern California counties from San Diego to Santa Barbara. We will ship to Northern California and other locations on a per project/order basis. At present, we are unable to ship any material via mail order.