The genus Muhlenbergia consists of over 125 grasses, mostly perennial. Some consider the horticulture-produced species to be the most durable of all the ornamental grasses. Like many grasses, there is a wide range of form and habit within the group. Most Muhlenbergia are clump-forming with well-textured basal foliage in shades from bright green to blue-gray. The inflorescences of the Muhlys vary greatly from the erect and simple flowers on M. rigens, M. lindheimeri, and M. dubia to the airy and more delicate flowers of M. capillaris and M. filipes. With a variety of uses and forms, the Muhlenbergia are quickly becoming a favorite of many landscape designers. All Muhlys are highly adaptable and provide few worries in the landscape.

REQUIREMENTS: Zones vary by species. Full sun to part shade. Many require little to no water once established. Most do best with supplemental irrigation in the summer to remain green.

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