California oaks have historically been revered for both their natural beauty and their numerous uses to humans. Many Native American tribes throughout California relied on oak acorns as their primary source of food. Unfortunately during the 19th and 20th centuries millions of acres of mature oaks were cleared for farms, orchards, and a rapidly expanding population. Today it is difficult to imagine that only a few hundred years ago ancient oaks would have been found in dense groves throughout many areas of California. Utilizing oaks in the landscape presents an ideal opportunity to recapture a part of this natural heritage. Although oaks will take generations to mature, the presence and grace they will bring to the garden will be worth all the time it takes to get them there.

REQUIREMENTS: Mature oaks do not require any maintenance or irrigation and are best left undisturbed. Changes in the water supply or grading of an established tree can seriously threaten its health and mortality. Young trees however need regular and deep watering to become established. In general southern Californian oaks are drought tolerant and prefer a conservative summer water regime. Oaks are most effective in the landscape when allowed to achieve their natural form.

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