Availability Lists

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If you are a wholesale customer, please sign in or register to see the priced lists. 

We upgraded our website in August 2019. The old, generic User Id/Password (elnativo/password) will no longer work to get access to the priced availability lists. Please create your own Password by Registering using your e-mail address to get access. If you ever forget your password in the future, you'll be able to reset it yourself.

These lists are not updated on a real time basis. They only represent what was available at the time the list was published, which is typically around the first day of the month. However, availability changes daily and some items sell out quickly. We update the inventory amounts listed on the online store on a more frequent basis, though we hold back some inventory for customers who order by email and over the phone. 

To receive the most up-to-date availability, pricing, and quality information please email your plant list to sales@elnativogrowers.com or fax your list to our main office in Azusa, CA at (626) 969-7299. Please include the estimated delivery/pick up date, container size, and quantity required in your request. 

Additional information and detailed explanations of the codes used on the availability list can be found on this notes and codes page.