This herbaceous perennial is native to Australia’s open eucalyptus forests and can be found along many coastal areas. Most people refer to Angiozanthos as ‘Kangaroo Paws’ and some are known as ‘Cats Paws’. They have strap-like leaves with fuzzy tubular shaped flowers that begin blooming in the spring and fade as the summer progresses. Flower colors include green, red, red and yellow, pink, yellow and others. In 2003, El Nativo Growers, Inc. introduced 6 new colors with bright red, burgundy red, bright yellow with red stems, yellow and red (with a 3” paw) and orangey red flowers. The Kangaroo Paws (as opposed to the Cat Paws) are most common in the California landscapes. In the spring, flower stalks emerge from the base of the plant and obtain heights ranging from 6” to 6’. They can be used as cut or dried flowers and will bloom for many months. The flowers resemble the paws of a kangaroo and open to reveal nectar that attract hummingbirds, birds, and nectar loving insects. Anigozanthos make ideal borders, mass plantings, and most perform exceptionally well in containers. This unique and unusual perennial has gained a great deal of popularity in the past couple of years. Due to the diversity of colors, shapes and sizes, many people are finding that there is a perfect spot for them in many landscapes. They are ideal for low water and drought tolerant landscapes. They perform well in sandy soil.

REQUIREMENTS: Zones 12, 13, 15-24. Anigozanthos perform best in full sun and sandy soil. However, they tolerate heavy soil when irrigation is limited. Deep, infrequent watering is recommended, and should be increased during the blooming season. We recommend drip irrigation to prevent leaf spot disease and to encourage a healthy root system.

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