The 120 species and numerous subspecies belonging to the genus Eriogonum display a tremendous amount of diversity. A handful of species are now being grown as part of our inventory. Plant sizes vary from one to eight feet while foliage colors range from greens to grays and flowers bloom in whites, pinks and yellows. Butterflies are also attracted to these flowers and frequent them during the spring and summer months. Once established, buckwheat is incredibly drought tolerant. Many will survive without any summer water. Within landscape settings, supplemental irrigation is usually preferred to keep the plant more attractive. Eriogonum is great for slope control, natural settings and drought tolerant landscapes. Selections currently available on the market include groundcover forms, which provide a fast growing, dense cover. Buckwheat is generally free of pests but can suffer from root rot if given too much water. Well-drained soil is best, but with careful summer irrigation many species will perform well in heavier soils.

REQUIREMENTS: Zones vary among species. Low to moderate water once established. Most prefer full sun to light shade. Fall pruning will help promote a new flush of growth in the spring.