Juncus is a large genus consisting of over 200 annual and perennial species. Many of the species grown at El Nativo Growers, Inc. are native to California and can be found from Humboldt County in the north to San Diego County in the south as well as on the Channel Islands. In the wild Juncus grow in full sun to part shade, usually in riparian areas. Though Juncus are primarily indigenous to wetlands, they may sometimes be found outside of wetlands and are able to withstand short periods of drought. In severe drought, the entire plant may die back to ground level and re-emerge when water becomes available. Many people refer to Juncus as “Rush.” This common name also describes the classification: though Juncus are grass-like they are not considered to be true grasses. In landscape settings they are primarily grown for their architectural form and attractive shades of green to blue-green and gray. The stems are usually stiff, narrow and very upright, with tiny flower clusters near the tips. Since Juncus can be grown directly in water or in boggy conditions, they are a favorite in pond settings where they remain attractive when many other aquatic plants go dormant.

REQUIREMENTS: Zones vary by species. Full sun to part shade. Can grow in normal garden soil if provided with regular water, although they prefer a wet site.

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