The 'Wild Rye' Grass group may be considered to be one of the most striking, elegant grasses commercially grown. The ornamental varieties of Leymus can add a very bold and dramatic effect to many gardens because of their bluish foliage which contrasts with the bright colors of so many flowers. Some selections spread very vigorously, while others are suitable to small gardens because of their ability to stay in scale. The species of Leymus grow in a wide variety of conditions. Some thrive in the sandy dunes of the coast, while others prefer woodlands, meadows, or rocky places. Soils may be moist or dry depending on the species. Some selections take a good amount of filtered shade, while others perform best in full sun. Most have very inconspicuous flowers, and are evergreen. Some, like Leymus triticoides 'Grey Dawn,' a very exuberant, rhizomatous grass, can be invasive, but can also be considered a very good choice for soil stabilization and erosion control.

REQUIREMENTS: Zones 8, 9, 14-24. Sun to light shade (depending on variety). Soils range from sandy to rocky or even heavy clay (depending on variety). Can tolerate aridity around coastal communities, but need to supplement water in the valleys during warm months.

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