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Plant selection and landscape design demand thoughtful consideration of color, form, texture, and size.  Form and texture however, seem to take on an even greater importance when grass and grass like species are involved since these plants have the potential to provide dramatic fluidity and tactility to the garden space.  The size of the garden is also particularly important when working with grasses because while many species can stand alone or in small groups, a great number of species require large open spaces where plants can be massed in large quantities.  Many grasses and grass like species also allow the gardener to experiment with sound in the garden.  Species with light-bodied blades will rustle with just the slightest breeze while plants with heavier leaves will demand a substantial wind to move them.  Familiarizing yourself with the various grasses and grass like species will allow you to utilize them to create the look and effect you desire.  The links below will provide you with the information you need to help you decide which grasses best suit your needs.  In addition, the availability list at El Nativo Growers, Inc. includes a separate table for grasses, rushes, and sedges. 

Click here for a list of California Native Grasses, Rushes, Reeds and Sedges.


Click here for more information on the taxonomy of grasses and grass like species.



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