Asclepias fascicularis 1g

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Asclepias fascicularis is a California native perennial that is well sought after for its use in butterfly habitats, particularly as a food source for Monarch butterfly caterpillars. The flowers also supply nectar for butterflies and hummingbirds. This Asclepias can be wide ranging in size and form but typically will grow to 2-3’ high by wide (spreading underground). The leaves are narrow, green, and typically 3-5” long. The flowers are also highly variable but are overall a light pink and white mix. A true, perennial, Asclepias fascicularis goes completely dormant in the winter months and is often late emerging in the spring.  Of the native California Asclepias, this species tends to tolerate a wider range of conditions than A. speciosa, A. eriocarpa, etc. Prefers full sun and can be grown in some very tough/poor conditions. Despite its general ease, some years, plants do not emerge from dormancy and have to be replaced.

A few notes for customers and resellers: This plant is an aphid magnet and undoubtedly gets covered with bright yellow aphids for much of its growing period in spring/summer. We do not treat for these aphids so expect that material will show them. Also, the dormancy period for this plant can be long. Although we do sell it year round, including when fully dormant. When dormant, there is typically no above ground growth or easily visible basal sprout, etc. It often just looks like a container of dirt with roots.

Common Name:
Narrow Leaf Milkweed
Mature Height:
Mature Spread:
Sun/Part Sun
Winter Dormant
Flower Color:
White/Light Pink
Not particular
Foliage Color:
Flower Time: