More than 750 species are known around the world, and within this group, a number have evolved within arid climate regions, including Southern California. Leaves are aromatic and often wrinkled; flowers occur mostly throughout spring and range in color from white and pink, to blue and purple. These species are valued in native gardens, revegetation projects, and for naturalizing slopes in coastal and inland gardens. Salvias provide nectar for birds, butterflies and other nectar-loving insects. Great companions to Salvias in the natural garden include Mimulus species, Romneya coulteri, Trichostema lanatum, Eschscholzia californica and Eriogonum species.

REQUIREMENTS: Most perform best in full sun and well draining soils. Most benefit from hard pruning after their flower cycle is complete. Top growth can also be removed to maintain size and stimulate flower production.

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  • Salvia spathacea 1g
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    Salvia spathacea 1g

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    Hummingbird Sage is an evergreen perennial native to southern and central California coast ranges. It spreads by rhizomes to form a sprawling colony of lightly-furred, spear-shaped leaves up to 1 foot high and 5 feet wide. In spring, massive...
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