Leadership Team

As a small, family owned business, we try our best to live up to our core values every day. We believe in working hard, making an honest sale, and passionately pursuing our mission to beautify natural and urban landscapes with a diverse plant palette of regionally appropriate plant species. With over 100 years of combined horticultural and growing experience at El Nativo and more than a third of the team having been with the firm for more than 20 years, we have a lot of experience on the team to support these values.

James Campbell (Owner, CEO, & Plant Lover)

James got his professional start with a self-designed degree from UC Davis in Avian and Plant Biology and Management. From there he launched into the nursery industry as the Nursery Manager at Matilija Nursery in Malibu and then Moorpark. During and prior to his college years, he was an irrigator and transplanter at the Theodore Payne Foundation where he met master seedsman, Ed Peterson. James learned the craft and built up an extensive knowledge of seed collecting under Ed’s guidance. He fondly remembers his trips to the low desert with Ed to collect seeds after the annual wildflower blooms. He also met native plant experts Melanie Baer-Keeley and Jan Busco who helped guide him on this quest to forge a career in the nursery industry. 

Since 1997, James has led El Nativo Growers as CEO, spreading his love for growing plants. He favors California and Australian natives and how they can beautify our urban and natural landscapes and provide habitat for birds and butterflies.

When he’s not out in the growing yard or speaking with customers, he’s out camping, hiking, watching & photographing birds and wildflowers, and otherwise enjoying nature. When the weather keeps him inside, he cheers on the Collingwood Magpies.

Rebecca Nash (Owner & Plant Lover)

Rebecca Nash started working at El Nativo Growers while finishing her last semester at Cal Poly Pomona, where she majored in Horticultural Science, with an emphasis in Nursery Management. While at Cal Poly, she learned about more than 1,200 plants, worked on the school farm and studied propagation, pathology, nursery management, plant science and sustainable land practices.

Over the years, Rebecca has worn so many different hats, it’s hard to count them: General Labor, Propagation Manager, Nursery Manager, Sales & Marketing Manager and now Owner. She’s now known throughout the industry for her expertise in drought tolerant and native plant propagation. She enjoys teaching others about the beauty and colors available from natives and climate appropriate plants. 

Most days, Rebecca spends her time working with customers on sales and related services; she really enjoys working with enthusiastic customers who share her passion for plants.