Asclepias speciosa RP

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A highly-adaptable deciduous perennial that is one of the primary food and habitat sources for monarch butterflies in the western United States. Spreads easily and quickly via seed and underground stems. Its 3 to 4 foot tall stalks are covered in broad, grey-green foliage and topped with showy balls of fragrant white and rose pink flowers over the summer. Flowers set into large green seed pods in late fall, although the monarch larvae often get to them first, eating the flowers and foliage down to the stalk. These stalks can be cut down and the plant will regrow in spring. Drought tolerant, it will thrive on occasional to no supplemental water once established. Tolerates clay soil. Inland, it can be planted in full sun to part shade.

Common Name:
Showy Milkweed
Mature Height:
Mature Spread:
Winter Dormant
Flower Color:
Tolerates heavy
Foliage Color:
Flower Time:
Spring - Summer