COVID-19 Status

Last Updated: May 11, 2021. 

Nursery Status

We are open and operating the nursery according to our COVID-19 Operational Plan (COOP), which follows the guidance and complies with the legal orders from the public health and safety officials in our government and, of course, our own good judgement.  

While the nursery is open for sales, delivery, and Express pickups and operating on our standard hours, access to the upper yard and office is CLOSED to customers until further notice. For the safety of all, we have suspended customer tagging or selection of plant material in the yard.

We continue to deliver orders via our company trucks and allow for pickups at the nursery. If you place an order, you will receive pickup instructions modified to ensure the safety of our customers and our employees. Please read and follow them carefully. Until further notice, all customers and employees must wear a face covering (mask, bandanna, etc.) during any interaction

Our employees are taking extra precautions to protect you and ourselves according to guidelines from federal, state, and local health agencies (see below). We ask our customers who come in contact with our team for pickup or delivery to please do the same. Please stay at a distance, wear a cloth mask, and wash your hands before and after the short and quick interactions needed to complete your transaction. 

Please revisit this page as conditions are subject to change rapidly.


Federal: CDC guidance to businesses, CDC guidance on prevention

State: California Department of Public Health and the California Labor and Workforce Development Agency Protect Yourself and Protect Others

Local: Los Angeles County Department of Public Health

Trade Groups: Plant California Alliance