Fun Lists

We're starting to bring back some of our customer favorite lists of plants, like those that do well under oaks and those that attract birds and butterflies.

  • Ceanothus 'Joyce Coulter' 1g

    Electric blue, long-blooming flowering show. Tolerant of garden conditions. Blooms well in shade. Good for long, narrow spaces. Cold hardy to to 15°F

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  • Ceanothus spinosus 1g

    Long inflorescences usually light to medium blue on light green leaves. Green trunk. Deep rooted, good for hot sunny slopes. Cold hardy to at least to 15°F.

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  • Eriogonum arborescens 1g

    A beautiful mid-sized buckwheat that has become quite popular in California native and drought tolerant landscapes. Creamy-white umbels of flowers cover the shrub in late spring. The flowers have a tinge of pink color but appear mostly white/cream. Like...

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  • Eriogonum cinereum 1g

    A smaller-leafed California native buckwheat that grows naturally in the Santa Monica Mountains among other areas in the coastal sage scrub communities. Although primarily used in restoration and revegetation projects, this species can be used in a...

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  • Eriogonum fasciculatum 'Bruce Dickinson' 1g

    An inspiring selection of the California native common buckwheat that has significant commercial and residential appeal, particularly with erosion control, slope stabilization, and coverage. Exceptionally drought tolerant once established and basically...

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  • Eriogonum fasciculatum 'Dana Point' 1g

    A versatile selection of Eriogonum fasciculatum that is noted for its lighter green leaves and mounding habit. Great for erosion control and coverage. Flowers are more delicate than the true species but as with other buckwheats, the start our white with...

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